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Cheerleading is the spirit of any organization. It combines tumbling, stunting, dance, and cheer to engage the crowd, motivate the players, and get everyone involved in the game. They are leaders among their peers that must exhibit a positive attitude and exemplify good sportsmanship. Due to the various skills that a cheerleader must possess, they learn the importance of being a team player while at the same time being self-aware and self-confident. They also learn to develop leadership and interpersonal skills, a great work ethic, and dedication that will last them a lifetime.
Our organization prides itself on fostering the youth of our community to develop the aforementioned skills and individual traits by providing them with coaches that lead by example. FFI Cheer coaches are volunteers in our community that dedicate their time, hard work, and hearts to the kids they are coaching. They encourage our cheerleaders to do better and be better on the field as well as off. If you are looking for a great organization for your child to be a part of, then look no further.